Superior Productions Corp.


We are opening up opportunities to new talent.

Production of Movies, Television, Video, Music, and Radio.

Production of Stage shows and Events with dining, dancing, and a full bar.

Record Label producing recorded master tracks for distribution to the stores, streaming, downloads, subscription, and radio.

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Broadcasting Network for produced and client projects, via Television networks, Cinemas, online Streaming, Subscriptions, and Video on demand.

Enjoy unlimited Entertainment, Movies, Television shows, Radio talk shows, and your favorite Music with no contract for $7.99 per month on your favorite devices. 

Buy or Rent anytime anywhere on your favorite device.

Stream to your smart TV, PC, Mac, Cell phone, Tablet, Game console, Download, etc.

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Entertainers & Athletes for Production projects, Special occasions, and Corporate events.

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Production Services for Movies, Television, Video, Music, Radio, Stage, and Events, Photography, and web design.

Brand, Marketing, Sales, and Fanbase management.

Providing a team of talented individuals to assist you with all your development, production, marketing needs, etc.

Training you to handle projects on your own, or we will complete your project needs from concept, production, to distribution

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Production of Stage shows and Events with dining, dancing, and a full bar.

Creating a fun, safe, and friendly environment that is perfect for individuals that love entertainment, great homestyle food, mingling with entertainers, meeting new people, and much more.

Great for singles, couples, and the whole family.

Enjoy VIP seating, lines, first ticket selection, and membership opportunities.



*Concerts  *Variety shows  *Competitions  *Dinner shows, *Plays, and more.


*Festivals  *Parades  *Live dating  *Networking  *Trade shows  *Talks  *Seminars, and more.


The best Homestyle Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Washington!

Night Club

Enjoy your favorite music, creative lights shows, and a beautiful atmosphere.

Full Bar

Your favorite drinks made to perfection by a professional Mixologist.

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Let us take the stress out of your plans.

Our Specialist can help you design and arrange your Party, Event, Special Occasion, or Corporate event.

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Sells of produced projects, products, movies, videos, music, and apparel, via online purchase, subscriptions, downloads, rentals, video-on-demand, at company premises, events, and retail stores.

Something for Everyone

  1. Movie Titles to Buy, Rent, or Subscribe.
  2. Television show Titles to Buy, Rent, or Subscribe.
  3. Radio shows with your favorite music and captivating talk shows.
  4. Equipment for video and music production.
  5. Clothing & Accessory apparel for everyone.

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The Career department offers Associations for Businesses, Entertainers, and Athletes.

Moreover, a Booking agency, and a University of Arts & Science covering Business, Production, Performing arts, and a large variety of high income careers.

Online and on Campus programs to fit your life style.

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Associations for Businesses, Entertainers, and Athletes providing resources, and a team of Professionals to assist members with Business and Career goals.

Moreover, fun Events & Activities for members to enjoy with special benefits and opportunities.


A. Business

Members will receive a team of Mentors, Business developers, Consultants, and Attorneys included in your membership.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the expenses that are required to build your Business.

Such as Product developers and Distributors.  Along with Publishers and Public Relations.  Moreover, Publicist, Advertisers, and highly effective Marketing and Sales.

The most successful Companies have a team of professionals to assist them from Startup to earning Billions, and you should too.

B. Events & Activities

Members will enjoy a fun, safe, and friendly environment.  Captivating Shows, Events, and Activities for singles, couples, and the whole family.

Member privileges with first ticket selections, VIP lines and seating.  Opportunities to attend special events, discounts, mingle with Entertainers & Athletes, and much more.

C. Entertainers & Athletes 

Receive a team of Mentors, Career developers, Consultants, and Attorneys included in your membership.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the expenses that are required to build your career.

Such as Managers and Agents. Talented Producers, Product developers, and Distributors.

Along with creative Promotions, Publishers, and Public Relations.  In addition, Publicist, and highly effective Advertising.

Moreover, Branding, Marketing, Sales, and Fanbase management.

The most successful individuals have a team of professionals to assist them, and you should too.

Association Members can receive employment, and promotional opportunities to perform in Movies, Television shows, Radio, and Stage Shows, etc.  Perfect for building a fanbase worldwide.

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Our University of Arts & Science educates and trains students in Business, Production, and the Performing arts, via online and campus programs.

Providing Certification, Bachelors, and Masters degree programs.

Using the latest techniques, technology, and training process.  Incorporating Seminars, Workshops, Talks, and Classes to ensure the highest education possible.

Programs include Industry knowledge, Skills, and Work experience on real projects, in a real environment.

Registration is open for online, and on Campus programs.

Job placement is also available.

Course Programs

  1. Business
  2. Film & Television Production
  3. Fight Choreography for the Movie industry.
  4. Music Production
  5. Music Industry 
  6. Radio Production
  7. Performing Arts
  8. Restaurant Industry
  9. Nightclub industry

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We are hiring

Seeking individuals that love Business, Entertainment, or the Sports industry.

Referral & Affiliate Program.

Earn income from all the individuals that you refer.

Earn income from your website with our Affiliate program.

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